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The euro axle Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The EURO axle has been specifically designed by GIGANT to be mass produced for use in semi-trailers.

It uses Monobloc technology paired with new lightweight stepped hub unit bearings. These have been developed for normal road conditions by reducing the dimensions of the outer bearing ring to their optimum level. GIGANT offers an extended warranty on the stepped bearings of up to 1 million km or six years. 

The low-loader trailer axle system EURO AXLE PIC.

This system uses Monobloc technology complemented by high-quality SKF compact bearings, of up to 12-tonne capacity. The benefit of the bearing is its size resulting in freedom from maintenance costs. This guarantees a prolonged service life without the need for any adjustments. GIGANT offers an extended warranty on the compact bearings of up to 1 million km or six years.

The GIGANT Eccentric Bush allows easy and precise tracking adjustments in low-loaders and mega trailers. This helps reduce scrub and tyre wear while improving fuel economy. GIGANT was the first manufacturer to produce the track alignment feature as a standard fitment more than 30 years ago. All of GIGANT’s axles are available in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5, in disc and drum brakes, with either single or dual wheel fixings. ABS/EBS sensors are offered as standard and NZH has standardised on the WDEFo brake calliper for disc brakes.

Air suspension

Light as a feather, space saving and universal, the GIGANT air suspension unit effectively provides smooth driving and comfort. The air bellows are literally lightweights because the piston bottom plate has been dispensed with. The optimised suspension brackets can now operate up to three ride heights at one time. Heights from 240 to 375mm are covered by a single bracket, which can be retrofitted without welding and loosening the spring bolts. A spring beam of only 70mm width is used in the axle system for nine-tonne axle load.

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