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The pump to out-fox all others Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NZH has always said the Italians don't just make great food and fast cars, they also make great pumps. And now we are about to launch a new pump range from the land of pasta and olives.

Called the Fox-400 series, it is the latest in a line of bent-axis piston pumps made by Hydrocar of Modena, just down the road from the Ferrari factory, in Italy. The new Fox pumps will replace the PAI bent-axis pumps that have proved very popular in a number of applications in New Zealand.

The good news for those who require even more performance is that the Fox delivers significant increases in speeds and maximum working pressures. RPM limits have risen by more than 40% on all models, which will make a great contribution towards combating the issue of over-running pumps. And thanks to the heavy duty cast construction, the maximum pressure has risen to 450 bar, enabling the Fox to handle heavier workloads.

Hydrocar has also taken the opportunity of extending the range, with the introduction of several smaller models. The Fox range will have a very comprehensive coverage of displacements, starting at 12cc and going up to 108cc. Bent-axis piston pumps have become increasingly popular as engineers look to these compact pumps to provide solutions to reduced space in various applications and also to lower weight. Major uses for bent-axis pumps are cranes, walking floors, hooklifts on trucks and other high pressure applications. To allow for close coupling to smaller vehicle Power Take Off's the 12cc to 25cc range will be available with a standard 3-bolt UNI mounting arrangement.

The larger capacity units, up to 108cc, are standard with a heavy-duty DIN5462 mounting for increased torque requirements. Special attention has been given to keep pumps compact in size, which assists in minimising obstruction problems and reducing the weight of the hydraulic system.

Pumps will be supplied in dedicated packaging including suction fitting. An optional pump-mounted 12 or 24 volt solenoid dump valve will also available for live drive applications.

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